Detailed Master Plan_M 1:2000

Detailed Master Plan

The project area is located on the north of bridge over the river between the villages of Mramor and Dobroslavtsi, which are connected with a road, passing on the west side of the plot. The public access and the public spaces are located on the south-west corner of the area and continues in the form of a diagonal line with two public junctions with green and water zones, which ends with a spiritual building (temple, church, etc), designed on an island, surrounded with water (mirror effect). The public zone consists ofr an info point, library, cultural centre, food shop for the production grown with love in the village (incl. honey, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.), tee house, restaurant for the food production, public kitchen for cooking, crafts working spaces – building, beekeeper, agriculture, ceramics, public laundry, health center and pharmacy, hairdresser, shoe and clothes shop, rent a bike, bank, food shops, public toilet, recreation zones. The accessability of the area is designed. The eight communities are divided in two by the diagonal, created landscape alleys in a form of a heart with chambers. Every community is having a closed open green space, public and agricultural areas. Every community consists of a flexible number of single-family houses, row houses and apartment blocks. The herbs and bees are grown in an closed area, on the north of the houses. The sport and recreation areas are located in the south-east corner of the plot, close to the river. The technical infrastructure (RES power plant, garbage gathering system, hot water storage, rainwater tank) is located on the north-east corner of the plot. The area is insulated from the road with a lifted terrain and trees, planted on it, between the village and the road on the west. On the north side are also planted trees for wind protection.

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