Rammed Earth Pavilion Contest

“Buildner” Architecture Contest Project

“Wake Up” Rammed Earth Pavilion

4 Elements Architecture Park

Project description:


Circular economy
Closed life cycle of natural materials

Awakening sound wave
Conch sound vibration
Pulsating heart

Nature care

Architectutre as a pulsating “wake-up” call


The “South Park” of Sofia: the capital of EU Bulgaria, hosts the pavilion in an area encircled with cultural and nature urban contexture, including: the National Palace of Culture, “Earth & Men” Museum, Cultural Center, Museum of Contemprorary Art, etc., small river and cozy park areas, offering panoramas towards Balkan and Vitosha mountains. Historically “South Park” served in the 20th Century for clay production and hosted the city’s Brick Factory.


The project concept includes “Do It Yourself” principles, using local volunteers, professionals, students, in order to demonstrate practical education and achieve a low-budget project.


Circular and linear “pulses”, emanating from the Earth Pavilion and it’s initial dimensional module, form all composition elements: 4 sub-pavillions, entrances, pedestrian alleys, park zones, etc. by following a geometrical order and modular logic.


The conch-like pavilion’s form is ellipsoidal with entrances from both north and south and consists of two levels, incl. presentation area: a showroom for Rammed Earth. GF area: 53 sq.m. (net). Wood trusses bear the load of the green roof construction, super insulated with straw bales. The external Rammed Earth walls are double walls with natural wooden wood insulation in-between.

Experience Architecture (The 4 Elements):

“Music is liquid architecture and Architecture is frozen music!”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Architectural concept of the master plan explores the relations between the Rammed Earth Pavilion and open-air theme zones diversificated in the surrounding park area, demonstrating the positives of the Rammed Earth technique. The composition resembles the conch as a “pulsating heart”, surrounded by the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, air, interconnected by the circular and linear lively composition, consisting of: flower gardens, water ponds, brick pavements and rammed earth benches, inviting visitors to sit and experience nature, for example by listening to the songs of birds, wind chimes and bells. The main entrances, represented by the water pavilion nourishing beautiful flora and fauna and the air pavilion providing architecture of dynamical experience of sound and vastness, are connecting with the main park alley on the North. The observation tower and fragrant flower gardens, representing the earth element and the workshop house for rammed earth, hand-made bricks, including a photo exhibition of the process of making the pavilion, related to the fire element are finishing the composition towards the surrounding hills on South, East and West: usually a gathering place for park visitors to sit and observe together the beautiful nature. The 4 elements concept is inspired by the ancient pre Feng-Shui space organization and harmonization concept of Vastu. Towards the nord direction an open-air scene, surrounding a large existing tree corresponds with the Rammed Earth Pavilion.


Rammed Earth is perfect sound-insulation and good thermal insulation (Passive House standard with double walls with core insulation), regulates temperature and humidity, airtight and diffusion open, fire and wind safe, protects from electromagnetic waves, cheap, locally available without transport costs, earthquake safe.


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