Energy Efficiency Renovation Tool

English text:

Energy Efficiency Simulation

3D tool for simulation of energy efficiency and energy savings by Renovation of an old typical German single family house.

Software with a 3D dynamical animation, showing the amount of energy savings, in case of executing different measures for energy efficiency (mainly with Saint Gobain products): adding roof OR attic insulation (different materials and thicknesses); wall insulation (Compound insulation or Rear ventilated facade); cellar ceiling insulation; changing the windows and the glazing; putting Ventilation, Heating, Solar collector and PV. According to the selection – the typical old style German house is being renovated into a Passive House or even a Plus Energy House, the images and the energy consumption values are also dynimically changing.

Project tasks: Architectural concept and 3D images (more than 100), developing the sequence of the animation, testing and consulting, etc.

Project owner: Die Werkbank Medienproduktion und Verlag GmbH

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